Best Data Analytics Software with Hadoop in 2019

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Best Data Analytics Software with Hadoop in 2019

What is Big Data ?

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Big Data

Data and its way of using becoming more popular everyday. Big data  is a collection of information that can be convertible, transferred and playing on it to realize a solution for your company. It can be a side of product / process development, Sales Perspective or Safety or could be any kind of helper for decision makers. You can name any of data big if you can digg in and getting an estimation using some statistic methods.


How to use Data for Analyse and Insight?

We have been using data since decades. In the past we were mostly using data like excel files, word documents, text documentations. Today we can categorize, analyze, having insight using Text analyse , Image Analyse,  Video Analyse, Sound/Voice Analyse. We can use coordinates, color, sound effects, pressure, temperature as parameters to get a big picture depends of your industry.


What are the type of Data Analyses?


Visual Analyse: You can use visual dashboards, pie charts, graphics to have an insight with your eyes.


Corelation Analyse: It's a statistical tactic to see the relation between 2 parameters,You can catch a potential relation between the weather condition and the sweet sales. Corelation can be positive or negative.


Regression Analyse: It's very similar to Corelation Analyse. Main difference is Regreassion Analyse focus the reason of the relation rather than the intensity.


Scenario Analyse: It checks all effects of a decision with positive, negative and possibilities. It can be used when your decision is unclear and you have different roadmaps.


Estimation/Time Analyse: You use past datas in a time scale to have an estimation for the future. Weather Forecasts, Eartquake estimations are good example for that. They include very complex analyse methods. You should probably buy an analytic tool.


Monte Carlo Simulation: It's checking prepared scenarios on the current case to see negative and positive impacts.


Direct Programing: Aim is to reduce unneccesary parameters to see direct impact to the goal like sales/customer visits.


Cohort Analyse: It's for tracking a group behaviours in a timeline. You can see 35-40years old people reaction to your site for example. It's already installed into google analytics tool.


Factor Analyse: Group statistic technic with minimize all other parameters. You can use this technic to get an insight about people circulation and main reason of company leavings.


Neural Network Analyse: It's the inpiration of human brain that can find out its own algorithm, insight to get a picture of view. It acts like a human decision make. Health, Finance industry are mostly using sectors.


Text Analyse/Literature Analyse: You can use public texts such as twitter, facebook, to get geographic trends to have a market research for startups. You can also see positive negative thoughts about a text, brand, company etc..


Advanced Analyse Technics 

What is Deep Learning / Machine Learning?


In short: You feed a big data to the machine, System gives you best plan without a human touch. You don't program strict rules or algorithms. Machine will produce its own algorithm, functions. You only give a target and teach the system how to solve a problem. All the rest is on unhuman responsibility.


All analyse technics are successful on its area. Based on your goal, You can pick one or more and become together to get better and sharp insight for your target.


What is Hadoop?

in 2005, Apache Software release an open source program and procedure for create a flexible database structure. Today all well-known database storage an analyse companies use that scalable, distributed file system architecture. 


What are main Data Analyse Companies using Hadoop?

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Using a raw programming of Hadoop can be difficult. There are many service that make life easy. 


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

It's a big data package can be use together with Elastic Cloud Compute, Elastic MapReduce with cloud storage


Cloudera CDH

They use their own Impala analytic motor you can also use on Amazon and MapR.


Hortonworks Data Platform

It's installed directly to the Apache Software objects. They earn money on  additional services and solutions through that.



They have free and paid services mostly focused on IOT industy.


IBM Big Data Platform

They use their own Hadoop structure as known InfoSphere BigInsights


IBM Watson

Machine Learning Platform that use Natural Language Understanding mechanism. More than 300 companies using that service to serve more effective marketing to their customers.


Microsoft Azure HDInsight

It has own Azure cloud service and sql server database. You can also integrate with excel files.


Splunk Enterprise

Dominos Pizza using their analytic systems to create their coupon. They use machine datas to create an operational information.



Big data and the way of using to get an insight with analytic tools is the future of operation, product development, user experience, sales, safety etc.. If you want to be a part of this, you need to have a big data collection to play (You can collect on your own or buy from outside), learning analytic methods and services. If you want to write your own program you need to learn python. 

In addition to Hadoop you can also learn Spark which is also Apache tool can be faster in some analytics operations. I can also suggest data strategy book of Bernard Marr to people who wants learn more.

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