Do you really need to be motivated to get things done?

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Do you really need to be motivated to get things done?

By 2023 Elon Musk is planning to send the first spaceship to the Mars, in the 3rd quarter of 2018 Amazon's revenue was 56.6 million USD, Netflix has been growing up while increasing its revenue day by day. All those success stories motivate you to take action, or you feel like a big-time looser and try to comfort yourself with junk food you have stored in the closet while waiting for that big NFL/NBA game that everyone keeps talking about.


After all of those years feeling like a misfit in the society, you accept your faith and be a good person while putting away your dreams. You wanna lose weight, get a gym membership, be successful and healthy or you somehow know that you will never get what you want from life since you are not worthy enough to be playing in those big leagues.


Start today, do not procrastinate!

You might have already heard this phrase before, and each time you heard it, got  motivated yourself for a moment and convinced yourself to do chores that you have been delaying. Eventually, you have started paying the bills on time, scheduled an appointment at the dentist office, even got a job interview for that dream job you have got your eye on for a long time. Although, you have tried your best after some time you started feeling something is pulling you down.


Have you ever thought why you keep failing to keep the pace no matter how hard you try? You have a feeling you have done something wrong but you can't put your finger on the reason? You can't and you won't, unfortunately. And if you keep repeating what you have been doing you will never get wherever you want so bad.


Excluding BingBang, in nature, every single thing you can think of has not happened all of a sudden. Earthquakes, tornadoes, deaths etc.. Every each of them needs time to be what they are meant to be. Think about a woodpecker. That little guy keeps pecking the trees until that reaches what has been looking for. Or, do you think a bird build its nest in a second. Of course not. They keep whatever they need to consistently until  they accomplish their 'mission'. Think about how an earthquake happens. At the beginning, you would observe vapor leaks, and small tremblings following those leaks, the next you would witness larger ones, and finally earthquake would hit you at its hardest.



Looking for motivation?


Motivation! It could make you start doing anything, but what happens if you lose your motivation at some point? Would you be able to keep what you have been doing, or just quit and start wining about how you fail again and again? Unfortunately, most of us just quit and get back to our miserable lives, and escape from our responsibilities.


Instead of looking for a motivation, we need to set up our final target crystal clear and have detailed plan which tells us how we could hit it at the end. As human beings, our first concern is re-production and pass by our DNAs to the next generations. It does not matter how different we are from other human beings.


Long story, short.

Even though, we are all surrounded by the technology, at the end of the day our genetic codes shape our lifestyles. Having a clear goal is the key to accomplish our aim. Remember, the universe is existed, cause it keeps repeating the cycle it has to do once and for all.

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