Minimal Brain in the big world

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We all own notebooks, cellphones, social media accounts and also have favorite shopping malls in where they carry variety of café shops, restaurants, stores etc. Somehow, millennials are ‘forced’ to socialize with our family, friends, colleagues. We even schedule our business related meetings on one of those social media platforms or shopping malls. The neo-liberal economy leads people to spend time and money on un-relative activities which turn them into the‘zombies’ who are hungry for attention. How many likes our recent photos, or videos have received on social media has become one of the most important parameters which stem the lack of self-confidence. That is the reason why we hear stories about people who have chosen to give up their ‘fancy’ lives to get a simpler ones in order to minimize the effects of neo-liberalism. They choose to move into a relatively smaller houses which they purchase cheaper appliances to decorate their new places. They even stop getting new clothing items, and minimize the time they spend on the internet.

The problem is not what you own/use in your daily life, it is what you make your brain to dealwith. The minute you wake-up you can’t stop the urge to check your e-mails or notifications you have received on your social media accounts. Furthermore, most of the time, you don’t need to take an immediate action related to them. Although, one of those days you might receive a notification that says extra-terrestrials have invaded the world, so that you need to head to the nearest shelter. On the top of those, we have to remember where we have put the charge cables of our electronic devices, what we have chosen as our passwords for our all online accounts that we are obligated to repeat every single day.

Bombarding our brains with all those unnecessary stimuluses turns us to ‘zombies’ who can’t even notice the beautiful the life is. We even forget the colors of a rainbow, or when a bird chirps, or how stars shine at a clear night.

Best way to save your life is to choose your life destination and eliminate all other life tasks and to-dos even they seems urgent.
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