What is minimalism?

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What is minimalism?

Minimalism is the art of living with minimizing the inputs and outputs in our life. We live in a world that all quantities are increasing. You have many different items to buy, many different places to visit, many people to meet, many books to live, many fights to make, many foods to eat.


Research shows that the brain can only focus on one thing at the same time. Any additional thought, disturbing notification cause anxiety, reduce of concentration and life quality of course. 


We all have to make our life simplifier to enjoy more.


When you sleep, sleep - When you eat, eat - When you walk, walk.


How to get started Minimalism?


Like every goal, you need to make some efforts and plans to become a minimalist and maintain a simple, clean life. You need to learn how to minimize things in every part of your life. 


Get a pen a paper and write down your parts, categories of your life: They can be business, hobbies, transportation, stuff, payments, home, relationships, etc.


After you categorize your life you can now identify where do you spend unnecessary time and efforts that make you unhappy, sad, stressful, unstable.


Now you know what is good, what is bad for your lifestyle. Only you need to do is to get rid off all unnecessary things from your life. 


How to get rid off stuff?


Minimizing your stuff is just the beginning part of minimalism. Easy to apply and see to results. 


One object for one function is mostly enough. 


We have too many objects to make our life easy but we forget that more than one can create opposite. Minimalism is not an art to not buying or being penny pincher. You can buy luxury things, expensive objects but having 50 shoes in your wardrobe doesn't make any sense. If you do sport you can buy a sports shoe and you can replace it when it becomes old. You don't need to carry 5 different credit card if one can solve all your payment problem. Anything you don't use in 3 months can be dispensable.  


You can start from your stuff: Only provide one thing for one function. For example, one credit card, one notebook, one raincoat, one house is always enough. More than one can create a friction that makes you always think in your every movement.


What are the advantages of being minimalist?


Your stress level is absolutely going to be minimum. 

You will have more focused on your main life and business goals

You will be more open to new challenges

You will be more time efficient

You will be more eco-friendly

Your life quality will increase

You will learn how to make good decisions parallels to your life goal.


Minimalism in Business Life?


In business life, that strategy might seem illogic, the system always wants you more more more. 


But when you are able to focus on one thing, your quality will increase, your fault rate will reduce and you will like your job more. Your boss doesn't actually care how many different problems you solved. He/She will focus on how close you are to your main target. Use minimalism to show your business figures in your slide show. No one likes complex, hard to understand charts.


Minimalism in Social Life



Being popular in your lifestyle is not a part of minimalism but the quality of your friendship zone is. Instead of a struggle to gain new friends, you might want to have friends having the same hobbies, lifestyle, culture. When you increase your social life quality, your relation quality will also increase.


Minimalism at Home, Decoration


The place is the continuous message giving to yourself.


When you see a place more spacious, minimalist you will also love yourself more. Destroy any kind of stupid decoration stuff from your home. Put more peaceful, green, calm objects makes you more concentrated, focused. Remove printed photos, you can buy a digital frame instead.



If you are a complex machine, you have to always clear your desktop, your files, your cache. Remove all unnecessary programs(thinking), files(objects, stuff) and run your processor only for your life goal. Don't forget:


Less is More



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